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We are engaged in the return of funds from a fraudulent broker as soon as possible and give guarantees for work.
Little about us
We have been returning money to defrauded investors since 2017.
We are a company dedicated to helping people recover their money stolen by fraudulent brokers. We are proud of our professionalism and the competence of our specialists who help our clients restore justice.
29 mln.€
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Pamela Valerie Sookdeo
CEO, company founder
Over the course of my career, I have watched many scam brokers rip off clients, leaving them without money. I was intensely interested in helping these people get their money back. So I decided to open my own law firm specializing in recovering funds from scam brokers. I have used my contacts and the knowledge that I have accumulated in work by free lawyer to help people get their money back and prevent the activities of scammers.
Our services
Preparation of documents
Assistance in the preparation and filing of complaints about the fraudulent actions of brokers to the supervisory authorities.
Monitoring and analysis
Monitoring and analysis of financial markets to detect potential fraudsters.
Advice and assistance in protecting the rights of investors and preventing illegal actions of brokers.
Client interests
Representation of clients' interests in arbitration courts and trade organizations.
Financial experts
Collaboration with financial experts and audit firms to conduct financial analytics.
Assistance in paperwork and collection of necessary materials for the return of invested money.
Stages of work
We are engaged in the return of funds from a fraudulent broker as soon as possible and give guarantees for work.
Client Reception & Consultation
We accept a client who is faced with fraud and provides him with advice on possible actions.
Collection of information and evidence
We collect all the necessary information and evidence of a fraudulent activity of a broker or company.
Preparing and filing a complaint
We help the client prepare and file a fraud complaint with supervisory authorities and courts.
Representing interests
We represent the interests of the client in court and do everything possible to return the invested money and investments.
Refund and closing of the case
After the successful completion of the case, the company takes its% and transfers the account to the client on which the money will be.
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