International Financial Services Commission of Belize

The Commission regulates the activities of financial institutions registered in Belize and providing services in international financial markets, in particular the activities of brokerage companies, trading in currencies and other financial instruments. The tasks of the regulator include issuing licenses to financial companies, as well as monitoring compliance with the rules and requirements of the regulator. The IFCS itself reports to the Belize Department of Securities.
Swiss Financial Markets Authority

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority is one of the most reliable and influential financial services regulators. The organization acts as a regulator of the Swiss banking system and acts as a partner for national investors.
Financial Service Providers Register

FSP alone does not provide sufficient protection against fraudsters, so financial companies that have such a license should be treated with caution. Especially if the parent company that provides brokerage services is registered with this organization.
The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority

BaFIN is subordinate to the German government and regulates services in the German markets based on the provisions of the Federal Law on Financial Supervision. The regulator works closely with the National Federal Bank, but the department is funded by controlled entities. The main mission of BaFIN is to regulate the German financial market and ensure the purity of brokerage services.
Securities Investor Protection Corporation

The SIPC is an integral part of the legal system that governs financial services institutions. The specifics of SIPC activities are aimed at regulating the work of reporting entities and monitoring the process of their liquidation, in cases where they are unable to fully meet their obligations to customers or when they declare bankruptcy.
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