Broker: 24FX
Chargeback amount: 11 000 €
Completed in: 12 days

Broker: ACM Gold
Chargeback amount: 12 000 €
Completed in: 18 days

Broker: Ultima
Chargeback amount: 19 000 €
Completed in: 22 days
  • I cannot express enough my gratitude to ABC Family Law for their incredible help to me. They helped me get back 25 thousand euros that I lost as a result of fraud. They were incredibly professional, competent and attentive to me as a client. They were always available for communication and gave me clear answers to all my questions.
    Maria Yakusheva
    Refunded: 25,000 €
  • Half a year ago, I came across the website of a company that promised to increase my money in just a month, but it turned out that they began to drag money from me and in this way pulled out about 11,000 euros. I want to say thank you to ABC Family Law for helping me get my money back. They returned almost the entire amount, which I am very pleased with. Thank you!
    Yuri Kiselyov
    Refunded: 11,000 €
  • I am writing my review about ABC Family Law. They helped me solve my problem with a fraudulent broker and get back the 12 thousand euros that the Alpha financial company stole from me. They were always available and helped me throughout the whole process. I thank the company and employees for their professionalism and help in solving my problem.
    Rostislav Gulyaev
    Refunded: 12,000 €
  • For about a month I was looking for a person who would help me get my money back or at least punish the scammer. So I came across your company, after reading the information I decided to work with you. They explained everything to me and showed me the stages of joint work. What was my surprise when we not only punished the scammer but also fully returned my money. I am very grateful to the company for the work!
    Alexey Veselin
    Refunded: 15,000 €