Fraud chargeback

How can a broker deceive you?

Most of those who find themselves in an unpleasant situation with Companies when purchasing goods or services on the Internet apply to the Bank under the chargeback procedure with the wording “fraud”. However, this is wrong.
Fraud in VISA Payment System

VISA. We rely on VISA Core Rules and VISA Product and Service Rules. Dispute Category 10: Fraud Fraud page 619. Codes 10.1 to 10.5 for fraud.

Transfer: The cardholder denies the transfer of funds.

This code means: that the transaction (operation) was carried out without the participation of the cardholder. The card is held by the owner.
Friendly Fraud: What Is It & How to Prevent It? | SEON
Friendly fraud

Friendly fraud occurs when a customer accidentally or deliberately files a chargeback on a legitimate transaction, instead of trying to first obtain a refund from the merchant.
Chargeback Fraud

Chargeback fraud occurs when cardholders dispute a transaction with the bank instead of contacting the merchant for a refund. This can cover unintentional “friendly” fraud, as well as deliberate abuse of the chargeback process.

The cardholder simply did not understand the process.

The cardholder experienced buyer’s remorse; they regret the purchase, but don’t want to contact the merchant.

A family member made the purchase, but the primary cardholder either didn't know or didn’t want to honor the charges.

The cardholder didn’t recognize the charge on their billing statement or forgot about making the purchase.

The cardholder didn’t qualify for a traditional refund (for example, the time limit had passed).

The cardholder’s original intention was to get something free.

The cardholder failed to return an item, choosing to keep the merchandise and

initiate a dispute instead.

The cardholder initiated a dispute for valid reasons, but then realized the process was simple, and decided to keep the item.

Cardholder didn’t like the goods, but their items were not in any way defective or marketed in a misleading manner.

Cardholder ordered the same item multiple times with the intent to file a chargeback and "warehouse" the stolen goods.