Chargeback cost

Full calculation of the cost of the company

How much does a chargeback cost? There is no easy and quick answer. After all, chargeback is a legal service, the cost of which in each individual case depends on several factors:

- from the experience of a lawyer and the reputation of the Company;

- from the branch of law and the sector of activity;

- from the need to refer to international norms of law;

- from the location of the opponent:

In the event of a refund from Companies registered outside the Russian Federation,

The chargeback specialist/firm must:

- have experience of return from similar companies;

- have knowledge of banking law;

- have knowledge of international law;

- navigate the rules of MasterCard, VISA, MIR payment systems;

- speak English to translate documents and contracts of the Companies, applications and claims to the Bank, responses from the Bank-Acquiring from the Broker.

Complexes of such knowledge are not taught in educational institutions, so the percentage of lawyers qualified in this area is very small.

Three types of legal fees

1. Full payment for the service.

This option is convenient for one-time services. For example, to prepare an agreement, draw up a document for termination of contractual relations, register an individual entrepreneur or LLC.

2. Prepayment + bonus for success.

In this case, the scope of services is discussed before the conclusion of the contract and additional payments. Other payments are not provided. This method motivates both parties at once. The client who paid the first part will not give up halfway, and the lawyer / company will do quality work to receive a success award.

3. Staged payment for services.

The client will need to pay for every action of a lawyer / company, whether it is a consultation, drawing up a claim or preparing a legal position. As a result, a decent amount is collected, often exceeding initial expectations.

We will call the option “Payment + bonus for success” the most profitable type of payment for legal services. It implies a ready-made set of measures to achieve the goal. As a rule, the work is carried out by several specialists, which increases the chances of success. This option does not imply hidden fees, and if the lawyer / company does not fulfill the agreed list of services, the client has the right to file a pre-trial claim and then go to court.