Probability of Success

Real chargeback. All the nuances and the likelihood of success.

We can say with confidence that the probability of a return (real chargeback) of funds through the chargeback procedure is much higher than earnings in financial markets.

The likelihood of a return largely depends on your situation and the actions taken. Let's say right away that it will take some effort, time (on average 3 to 6 months) and a little luck. If you expect to write an application and wait for the long-awaited SMS about the receipt of funds, then this will not happen. And this is no exaggeration.

The real probability of a chargeback. 5 factors

1. Let's start from the beginning. You decided to get your money back because:

- the company does not allow to withdraw funds;

-- Your trading deposit is lost (leaked) and you suspect the Company of dishonest activity.

In the first case, the chances are much higher. It is quite simple to prove to the Bank that the Company violates the clause of the agreement related to the withdrawal of funds. It is much more difficult to prove that the Company purposefully nullified the deposit.

2. Next, go to the Payment system. VISA offers more flexible refund policies than MasterCard. But this does not mean that a refund is impossible on MasterCard, it just takes more effort. The national MID system proved to be loyal at the first challenge, but it is less enthusiastic about resolving the issue.

3. Bank. A lot depends on the Bank that issued your card. There is also a human factor in the face of the person processing the application. The more loyal the Bank is to its customers, the better. Many Banks are not interested in the chargeback procedure, since the Bank does not earn from this, but it happens even the other way around - a commission is deducted from it for initiating the procedure.

4. The next criterion is the Brokerage Company. The larger it is, the more carefully it will protect itself. Large Companies employ a staff of lawyers who are able to quickly respond to complaints and prepare competent answers.

5. And the last criterion is the choice of your "lawyer", the one with whom you will work on the return procedure. You can try to return the money yourself, but the likelihood of a favorable outcome with the help of a professional, in our opinion, is much higher.