Chargeback timeline?

Let's discuss the processing time of the application

The deadlines for applying for a chargeback in Payment systems differ. The reference date, in most cases, is the date of the transaction, but there are chargeback codes at which the terms are extended.

Example: You bought a tour package in advance, for example, six months in advance, but the tour operator deliberately refuses to perform the service, that is, to give you a tour, so the expected date of receipt of the service will be the starting date. But there is a blocking period in systems VISA, MasterCard - 540 days, MIR - 360 days from the date of the transaction. After this period, the Payment system will not miss the application under any circumstances.

Recommendation: if in your case the terms exceed more than 50% of the blocking period, we recommend not to take risks, but to contact specialists.

The terms of the chargeback depend on the correctness of the application, the processing of the application by your Bank and the speed of the Broker's response. Consider the submission deadlines for the codes of payment systems VISA, MasterCard, MIR.
Terms Chargeback VISA

It should be borne in mind that the Bank, when accepting applications, quite often refuses the client due to an incorrectly drawn up application or requests additional material / clarifications. The Bank has 50-45 days to respond (there have been cases of extension of consideration for an additional 50 days). Based on this, the deadline for applying for a chargeback is significantly reduced. As a rule, the clients deceived by the Companies come already late, when there is practically no room for error.
MasterCard chargeback terms:

The paid product was not delivered, and the seller does not want to voluntarily return the money;

The paid service was not performed;

Goods have been delivered or a service has been performed that differs significantly from that described at the time of purchase;

Fraud. Write-off of money without the knowledge of the cardholder;

Double write-off of funds from the account;

Write-off of a larger amount at the time of transfer of funds;

Misleading the buyer;

The money was not dispensed from the ATM.

If it is not possible to resolve the situation on the return of money on your own, then for these reasons it is possible to dispute the transaction (read: how to make a chargeback?). The rules are strictly regulated by the payment systems VISA, MasterCard, MIR. There are also time limits.