Brokers - scammers

Everything you need to know about scammers

Thanks to the Internet, everyone can get access to Forex. Plus, competent advertising about quick earnings makes Forex popular in Europe. The daily turnover on Forex is trillions of US dollars, transactions for huge amounts are made here, and of course, this attracted pseudo-brokers of scammers.

An interested audience for all brokers has recently become scarce and they are forced to come up with various ways to attract new traders. We will talk about some tricks of scam brokers in this article.

We have to visit broker sites every day, at this moment brokers, often without an application, determine our phone numbers by IP address and call, thinking that we are interested people. We don't hang up because it's interesting to know about new ways of cheating and let's be honest, their phone skills are improving a lot. Most of their managers work on scripts.

Scripts are dialogue models, pre-written phrases. For brokers, they are built correctly, namely, what happens:

1) Operating terminology;

2) Taking into account the upcoming news events in the financial markets;

3) Some use the names of well-known banks and organizations in their scripts (Tinkoff

investments, Moscow Exchange, etc.;

4) We noticed that many even stopped talking about sky-high profits;

But, it is worth asking a couple of uncomfortable questions to this storyteller, then he immediately "crumbles", because the script does not assume real knowledge about fin. markets.

With all this, we believe that forex fraud is on the verge of survival.

They were banned from advertising in Yandex, Google, social networks. networks, they are clearly limited in advertising; people all the same, began to read the reviews; There are chargeback companies that return money from pseudo-brokers; Yes, and in principle there is a feeling that people have less money.
How do scam brokers work? Where are they looking for future victims?

1. Cold calling.

A large % of Clients are attracted by cold calling through various open sources. Posted a car ad? Wait for a call. In addition to open sources, many brokers buy databases of other identical scammers, as well as databases of banks, insurance companies, etc. Calls are made with different pretexts, for example: A draw was held and it was your number that became the winner and you get free financial literacy training. The purpose of such a call is to attract a person to the office (brokers' offices look very solid and expensive) and, of course, one gets the impression that one can earn money here. Also, calls can come with an offer of quick money, in which case the work is carried out remotely, via mobile communications or Skype.

Also, calls can come with an offer of quick money, in this case, the work is carried out remotely, via mobile communications or Skype.

2. Social networks.

It works like cold calls: in private messages a nice girl (fake) congratulates her on her birthday, she introduces herself as an employee of a broker and gives a certificate for taking courses of the same financial literacy. In the learning process, the Client loses his money.

3. Radio broadcasts.

Many people don't trust the internet, but they do trust radio stations. This trust sometimes puts it at a disadvantage when radio station advertisements are used by scammers. Radio earnings - radio broadcasts, commercials.

4. Shopping center.

Under the pretext of taking a social survey or participating in a raffle, contact information is collected, then they call, the same certificate for training is awarded, or an offer of earnings is received.

5. Invitation to Work.

Previously, this method was the most reliable. You are looking for a job, or you yourself respond to tempting ads with a convenient schedule, high salary, or you receive calls with a great offer and in the exact position you were looking for. After the interview, you need to be trained according to supposedly European standards, and in the process of training, the broker's employees should be interested in trading in the financial markets.

6. Internet scammers.

In addition to advertising, they use the collection of contact data when passing various tests, video views, advertising through bloggers, targeting in social networks. Networks, now also a telegram channel. In general, they are advertised everywhere, as much as possible. After all, of course, the profit from one attracted client covers absolutely all costs.

7. Redemption of the database of numbers of banks, car owners, etc.

This method is not complicated now, the bases are sold on the Internet and so far, our police are not able to stop this. So far, they have not succeeded in limiting the Internet. This is what brokers use. But for them, these bases are considered "Cold" and it is quite difficult to interest a person from a call.

And who is a REAL broker?

Broker in the securities market - a professional participant who has the right to make transactions on behalf of Clients for the purchase or sale of assets. To provide services on the territory of the Russian Federation, a broker must have a license.

REAL broker license. Leeand you. In other words, fraud is being carried out.

It will not be difficult to understand that you are dealing with a "kitchen" with due care. If a new price is often requested on an order, and the terminal through which the trade takes place freezes, it's time to start worrying. You should also be wary of fixed spreads. The fact is that honest brokers, as a rule, deal exclusively with floating spreads.

Our main advice in this regard is not to rush to open an account with a forex company until you carefully study the proposed agreement. In it you can find all the information that will help you make the right decision, saving your nerves, time and money.

Draining a deposit on Forex?

The most common misfortune that befalls most inexperienced traders is the loss of the deposit. What it is?

In simple terms, draining a deposit is closing a deal, as a result of which the investor loses almost all funds from his account. The reasons are different:

- Discrepancy between the volume of transactions and the available amount;

- Too many transactions, in which the trader does not have time to react to a sharp

- Vision of the market;

- The technical error;

- False hope for a price change in favor of the trader.

In each of these cases, the investor is left to blame himself. However, if the drain occurs at the initiative of a forex broker, this is an act of fraud. And to put it bluntly - robbery.

Is it possible to punish a broker by law?

Draining a deposit is just one of the tricks of a dishonest broker to cash in on a gullible and inexperienced trader. There are enough options to lose money on Forex as a result of fraud and “divorces”. We wrote about some of them, as well as about ways to return funds, in previous articles. Here we will only repeat the main thing: if an unpleasant thing happens, you can try to return the money. There are mechanisms and methods. There is only one thing - guarantees. As in everything related to the world of Forex.

But can a broker be punished by law? It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to this question. And in most cases, it will be completely negative.

Brokerage scams fall under the category of economic offences. Such as theft of funds, consumer fraud, Internet fraud. Despite the fact that the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has enough articles to combat such crimes, the judicial practice in this area, especially Internet fraud, is still not sufficiently developed and still causes difficulties. But this is not the main reason why false brokers go unpunished.

Dishonest brokerage companies do their best to protect themselves in case deceived clients turn to law enforcement agencies. Therefore, "black" brokers do not register their activities in the territory of countries under whose jurisdiction they do not want to fall. Most often, swindlers register on offshore companies, becoming inaccessible to the legislation of, say, the Russian Federation. It is useless to sue such scammers. And the best solution here is to take all necessary measures to avoid cheating at all.

How to choose a Forex broker?

In order not to become a victim of scammers, it is important to take the choice of a forex broker with all responsibility and vigilance. To do this, you need to pay attention to his age, reputation and the presence of positive reviews on the network. Be sure to study the rating of Forex brokers, look through the black lists and check for a license from the regulator. Once again, on the territory of the Russian Federation it is the Central Bank of Russia. You can check a specific forex broker through our employees.

When looking for a broker, stay away from individuals or companies that:

- Overly persistent, call you daily or use other forms of aggressive sales);

- Offer simplified verification using a phone number;

- They talk about a profit of 100%, but at the same time they do not confirm the words with real examples;

- Do not answer calls or indicate a non-existent number at all;

- Provide inflated bonuses and offer loans without concluding contracts;

- They do not have a license for brokerage activities in the territory of the client's registration.

We also recommend avoiding brokers who offer to install third-party Anydesk or TeamViwer programs on your computer and insist on transferring funds through electronic wallets without using bank cards. In our series of articles, we uncover the dangers of each of these tricks.

Our recommendations

Playing Forex is a difficult and risky business in which there are no and cannot be any guarantees, and deceit and fraud are a common practice. Excessive gullibility, lack of knowledge or attention can deprive you of funds.

Our recommendation is to refrain from risks and not to trust your money to third parties or organizations. Disappointment in the Forex environment is much more common than stories about instant profit.

Chargeback from a forex broker

But if you are already unlucky and the most unpleasant thing happened, you can try to return the lost funds. How to do it yourself, read in our series of articles. But remember: if you are not confident in your abilities, do not waste time and contact specialists who will help you return your money from an unscrupulous Forex broker.