Application for Chargeback?

Consider the basic rules for applying

What is a chargeback and who are its participants, for what reasons it is possible to return the money, and what the algorithm of the chargeback procedure looks like, we wrote in previous articles. Now we will analyze the structure of the request for a chargeback.

How to write a request for a chargeback

In common practice, the statement includes the following data:

1) Information about the addressee and the applicant;

2) Name of the document;

3) Formulation of requests and proposals;

4) date of submission;

5) Signature.

The application form is standard. The details of the addressee are indicated in the upper right corner of the sheet. In this case, the recipient will be your Bank, the details are available on the Bank's website. Below are the details of the sender, that is, your data. Even lower and in the center is the title of the document.

One of the frequently asked questions: Should I write the word STATEMENT with a small or capital letter?

There are three valid options:

1. With a lowercase letter at the beginning of the line and with a dot after the word (statement.). The standard document format.

2. Capitalized without a dot at the end. (Statement) When the word "statement" is written in the center of the sheet, it becomes the title of the document. And the rule applies to it: the first letter is capital, there is no dot at the end.

3. All letters are capital without a dot at the end. (STATEMENT) The same rule applies here as in the previous paragraph.

Formulation of a request for an application for a chargeback

Make a respectful appeal to the Bank, write to which company, when and how much was sent. Attach a bank statement with marked transactions to dispute. Next, without emotion, describe the situation. Make references to the rules of Payment systems so that the Bank understands that you have the information, and it would not be tempted to immediately refuse you.

In the main part of the statement, the wording is not limited by any rules, but vernacular will be inappropriate. Try to stick to a formal business style.

The filing date of the application is left-aligned, the signature next to the date is right-aligned. It is obligatory to sign manually, even if the application was typed on a computer.

To prevent the bank specialist from losing part of the application, number all pages from the bottom. After the date, indicate that you are attaching the evidence base in the Appendix.

Features of the chargeback application

1) Payment systems require translation of the application into English, or accompany the application in English;

2) Statement without emotions;

3) Brevity will play into your hands;

4) Follow the rules of payment systems.