How to return money?

Did the broker deceive or how to return the money?

Penetrated into almost all spheres of modern life, Internet technologies regularly create new earning opportunities. This is both an effective tool for novice businessmen and a dangerous tool in the hands of scammers, for example, pseudo-brokers. They tend to find their victims in the face of naive but enterprising young people who want to become millionaires in one day.

So, one of the most popular areas for spreading the influence of scammers is online trading. It involves choosing a specific project for further investment in it, and earning money from it.

The most common ways to cheat scam brokers. How to identify scammers?

Before contacting a company, each person usually studies the website of the chosen company in detail, highlighting rave customer reviews, beautiful offices and a high level of service. As statistics show, most of the reviews are purchased. This is a common practice on the Internet. For example, a simple webmaster platform might offer hundreds of 10 cent reviews to its subscribers.

In order not to deal with scammers, we recommend avoiding websites and companies that:

- Persistently offer their services, calling customers daily with an offer to buy shares in Google (or use other forms of push selling);

- Provide simplified verification only by phone number;

- They talk about 100% earnings, but do not give documentary guarantees;

- Do not answer customer calls or indicate a non-existent number on the site;

- Represent huge bonuses for trade, give loans without contracts;

- They do not have a license to carry out activities in the territory of registration of the Client.

Pay attention to the last point, it is the main one. It is quite difficult to obtain a license to conduct brokerage activities and, moreover, it is costly. Consequently, not all brokers offering their services have it.

Refund from a broker: 2 ways to get a refund

If your broker lost the deposit or made the first attempt to reset the account on the exchange, you should contact the appropriate authorities or take the first steps to return the funds. Incorrect actions of brokers, frankly speaking, fraudulent - a reason to stop cooperation and write a statement to law enforcement agencies to initiate a criminal case. To make it easier for you to understand, we have prepared 2 options for a refund in case the money was debited.

1. Write a statement to law enforcement agencies and go to court.

The most effective way to return the money and punish the scammers is if the transfer was made to the cards of individuals. To do this, it is enough to contact a law firm for a conclusion. The return procedure will be delayed, but you will have the opportunity to return not only your money, but also to force the scammers to pay for legal services and moral compensation through the court and punish the scammers.

To put it bluntly, this method will help not only you, but also millions of citizens who are trying to make money on investments. You will be able to stop the chain of deception and "close" the swindler or even the whole office.

2. Make a refund by bank card (VISA/MasterCard/MIR).

A more reliable way to return money from brokers is to issue a chargeback (dispute) by contacting your Bank. It will help you get your payment back. But there are some nuances: money transfer must be carried out from a bank card to a legal entity (broker); the procedure must be carried out within 540 days after the transfer by VISA / MasterCard cards and 360 days by MIR cards; there must be money in the brokerage account.

To speed up the return process, experts recommend seeking the help of lawyers - they know how to properly process the documents and miss the chance.
CySEC | An Overview of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange ...
There are quite a lot of bodies licensing brokers. They can be found on the example of CySEC

– Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

The technical support of the CySEC system can help you figure out if you have come across a fraudulent broker, that's exactly what it says on the site. To do this, just register on the service and leave a request. Consideration of the complaint takes up to six months. In practice, the answer is prepared within a month. But is everything so cloudless? Based on feedback from real users who fell into the trap of brokers, we strongly recommend that you limit filing complaints to the CySEC service, because. he often takes the side of brokers (regardless of situations). There is a serious suspicion that the organization and brokers are at the same time.

Who is better to contact? How to choose brokers?

A broker in Russia must have an appropriate license to conduct brokerage activities (forex dealer). Since 2016, a law has come into force on the territory of the Russian Federation, according to which only brokers with a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation can provide online trading services.We single out five points of the license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation:

1) Introduction of a new term "unqualified investor". Its essence lies in restricting access to the exchange until the broker certifies the financial literacy of the investor. This step, according to experts, will reduce losses and improve the economic situation in the market.

2) Signing of contracts and identification of investors. The item provides security to all market participants.

3) The Central Bank is a regulator and supervisory body. In case of disagreement between the participants, solid grounds for appeals are provided.

4) Ban on transfers to PAMM accounts. Small pairs with minimal leverage are all that traders can be content with.

5) Low leverage - potentially low losses.


When choosing a broker, we recommend looking at the availability of a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (an important aspect, but it does not guarantee security). Remember that beautiful speeches are not a guarantee of the truth. Check the licenses and details of the Companies to which you are going to transfer money. And if you have already encountered scammers, seek help from lawyers - this is the only way to restore justice and get your money back.