How can a broker cheat you?

Site-twins of "Pseudo-brokerage companies". How not to get scammed by scam brokers?

Today, our life cannot be imagined without the Internet. It allows us to communicate, receive information, work, implement projects, etc. Today in the global network, no matter what site we go to, no matter what page we open, there are promising advertisements everywhere with loud headlines and bright pictures. The sphere of “pseudo-investment” is not devoid of marketing moves.

Screaming advertisements for staggering zero-risk returns often hide a well-planned brokerage scheme to cheat and swindle money. Thousands of companies call themselves "brokers" with allegedly vast experience in the Forex market, offering their services. But often they have nothing to do with trading in this market.

It is not surprising that the sites of broker-bred are often identical to each other, and sometimes the same legal entities own several sites with different names of "Brokers" in their "ownership".

Broker divorce schemes Broker "S" is the management company of two brokers: one of which offers binary options, the other - the sale / purchase of cryptocurrencies. So, the managing broker has two narrowly focused subsidiaries. These organizations are not related to each other in any way according to the information on the official websites. However, on the Internet, on review sites, there are often stories about how clients (or rather, their capital) are transferred from one brokerage company to another. The reasons for the "circulation" of funds are always different. Managers of organizations argue, for example, that one of the brokers ceases to operate and that the money is not “lost”, they need to be transferred to another platform, or the transfer must be made to facilitate the withdrawal of funds, and so on.

I would like to note that when switching from one platform to another, the client signs an outstanding document stating that he has no claims against the broker with whom he transfers his capital, naturally, not assuming that in the event of a dispute, the Company will skillfully use this document.

So, when a client is transferred to another platform, the brokers' employees deftly accrue bonuses and actively offer loans. When they are received, according to the documents on the site, withdrawal is impossible, since they can only be “redeemed” by opening a position, that is, by trading. Using such a mechanism allows you to “destroy” the balance with the hands of clients. Rarely, when the "theft" of capital occurs simply by resetting the balance.

Twin Sites

Another situation - sites - twins. Different legal entities have an identical interface, as well as documents regulating the relationship between the broker and the client.

The cry "Beware of fakes!" In this case, it will be inappropriate, because the original is still not found. How legitimate such imitation remains the question ...

It can be suggested that sites are necessary for one-day companies, because a self-respecting broker with many years of experience will not copy an ordinary interface, let alone documents. The screenshots below are taken from blacklisted companies. These "Brokers" do not have regulators of their activities and, one might say, work "in black". There are countless reviews of their activities and not all of them are negative. Unfortunately, such brokers appear almost every day.

If you have firmly decided that you want to invest in the financial markets using various trading instruments, choose a Company licensed to carry out such activities in your country of residence. This will provide a minimum level of protection.

But, if you have already found yourself in the clutches of pseudo-brokers, then our advice is to contact specialists who will help you return the money, since there is a chance for a refund under certain conditions. Being engaged in "self-treatment" in this matter, you can only aggravate the situation.